The convergence of voice, data and video technologies has resulted in a dramatic shift within the information transmission paradigm. CableONE telecommunication services ensure the quality of information transmission and a comprehensive physical communication network infrastructure.

High Speed Connectivity

CableONE is in collaboration with global technology partners to bring a high speed network connectivity to Malaysia and building a network backbone with unparalleled speeds coupled with dependability, stability and performance.

Telecommunication Core & Access Networks Infrastructure

CableONE experienced in the design, integration and installation of a range of products and systems.

Fiber Infrastructure Constructions

Implementing fiber network infrastructure is not a straight forward job. It disrupt affected local area due to physical works that needs to be done.

Structured Cabling Solution

Cabling is the longest life cycle component of the entire network. A standard compliant cabling system can “future-proof” your network and guarantee continued application support.

Telecommunication Tower Structures

Deployment of wireless connectivity is dependent on the availability of infrastructure in the vicinity of the client, and thus towers deployment required to carry the signal must be done in the desired locales.

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